How to connect SmugMug cccount?

Mambo is a free photo/video backup assistant that helps you to keep your memories backed up to your SmugMug account.

Users in 130+ countries trust Mambo.

Trusted by users in 130+ countries.

Authenticating your SmugMug account in the Mambo is a 10-second process - simple click the connect to SmugMug button and you are taken to the SmugMug page where you allow and authenticate Mambo to backup to your account.

1. Open the Mambo application and then click on 'Add your SmugMug Account' button.

2. You will be taken to your SmugMug login page. Enter your account details and then in the 'Authorization' window click 'Authorize.

3. That's it. You have successfully added your SmugMug account with Mambo.