How do you Share a SmugMug Gallery?

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When it comes to sharing photos, galleries or slideshows, SmugMug gives you lots of ways to share them. You can share your SmugMug gallery via an email link, embedded code or onto your social media accounts. Here's the most basic process you can follow:

Share a SmugMug Gallery

  1. Log in to your SmugMug account.
  2. Firstly select a photo from the gallery you wish to share.
  3. Click on the share button under the photo and you'll be directed to the share panel.
  4. Selct the 'Gallery' tab from the 'Share Panel' and you can share a direct link to your gallery easily.
  5. For directing your visitors to the gallery on your site, copy and paste the top Gallery Link.
  6. To share a slideshow of your gallery, go to the gallery you want to showcase and select any photo to bring up the Lightbox.
  7. Click the share icon and in the Gallery tab of the share panel, you'll see two slideshow options to choose from: Fullscreen and Embed.
  8. Go to 'Fullscreen' and copy-paste the generated code to impress your visitors with a full-screen slideshow of the gallery.
  9. For embedding the slideshow of the gallery on a blog post, website or anywhere, go the 'Embed' section.
  10. Here, you can include few options: Auto-start, Captions, Navigation, and Play Buttons.
  11. A new HTML code will be generated which you can copy and paste anywhere you want.

Sharing a SmugMug gallery is a good way to show off your work and you need worry about impressing your visitors as SmugMug has got an option to show full-screen slideshow of your awesome galleries.