How to Upload Photos from Picasa to SmugMug?

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Picasa is a photo organizer designed to organize and edit digital photos. It is a photo sharing website as well. Picasa was originally created by Lifescape, Inc. in 2002. It was later acquired by Google in 2004. Picasa offers an array of features to its users. Right from importing, to tracking, facial recognition, tagging, sorting and several editing facilities. Here's how you can upload photos from Picasa to SmugMug.

Upload Photos from Picasa to SmugMug

  1. Add a 'SmugMug' button to your Picasa account. So that you can directly upload Picasa photos to your SmugMug galleries.
  2. Click here ( ) to download 'picasa2smugmug.pbz' file and Click yes when it asks if you want to install a button.
  3. Add the button within Picasa:
  4. Select photos from your Picasa album that you want to upload to Smugmug. Then click the teal 'SmugMug button'. You'll be asked for the login to your SmugMug account.
  5. Fill in your account information.
  6. Select an existing SmugMug gallery, or create a new one to upload photos from Picasa.
  7. Click the upload button and you're done. You have successfully uploaded your Picasa photos to SmugMug.