Welcome to Mambo!

Mambo Photo Uploader Dashboard

We have just released the first version of Mambo which is designed to allow bulk photo and video uploads to SmugMug. We are focused on making Mambo the easiest, fastest and richest uploader for every SmugMug user to manage their photo and video collection on SmugMug without having to spend hours and hours tracking uploads, removing duplicates and so on. We are huge fans of SmugMug (our founder being a pro user for well over 10 years now) and want to create the best uploader to make SmugMug even more fun to use and manage your memories & collection. 

We would love to hear your feedback and want to work closely with the SmugMug community to learn how we can make Mambo better every day. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us at mambo@picbackman.com. 

Happy uploading!