How to allow visitors, friends or family members to download an entire SmugMug Gallery?

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Instead of downloading your SmugMug images and sending to people, you can easily allow visitors, friends, family members or clients to download an entire SmugMug gallery themselves. It is a great way to save your time and deliver lots of photos and videos digitally. To do so, follow the process below.

Dowload All Images in a SmugMug Gallery

  1. First, log in your SmugMug account.
  2. Select the gallery that you want to make downloadable.
  3. Go to the 'Customize' and select 'Gallery Settings'.
  4. In the 'Gallery Settings', navigate the 'Photo Protection' tab.
  5. Here, turn the 'Download Buttons' option 'On' to enable visitor downloads of your original images.
  6. Want to password-protect your visitor downloads? Turn the 'Require Download Password' option 'On' and create a password to prompt your visitors to enter before they can download your original photos.
  7. A 'Download All' button will appear to the gallery once you enable the visitor downloads.
  8. Your visitors simply need to click that button and follow the on-screen prompts to verify their email address so we can deliver the photos to them digitally in .zip files.
  9. Once the gallery is ready for download, you and your visitors will receive a link to download your .zip file.
  10. This .zip link expires automatically in two weeks. So let your visitors, friends, clients and family to download the images as soon as possilble.