How to Control Who can Comment on SmugMug Photos?

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SmugMug provides you with several site-level and gallery-level settings that help you manage comments on your galleries and photos. Do you want to know how to control who can comment on your SmugMug photos? Check the information given below:

Who can Comment on SmugMug Photos?

  • To leave a comment on SmugMug photos, you visitors are required to log in. This protects your site from spammers.
  • The visitors can use either a SmugMug account, Facebook, or Google+ to log in and leave a comment.
  • A login is required and it is not possible to turn off that requirement.
  • They can also star-rate your photos.
  • Once they've logged in to comment, they'll see five stars outlined below the comment box.
  • They can click a single star or all five stars to show how much they admire your photo.